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Syn-flex® is one of the highest quality and most effective glucosamine products on the market today... why?

  • Liquid delivery for maximum absorption
  • Pharmaceutical quality liquid glucosamine, the highest quality available
  • No filler like many glucosamine pills
  • Long lasting unlike those rub-on creams
  • Ten beneficial ingredients to effectively ease osteoarthritis
  • No dangerous side effects such as those with NSAIDs and Cox-2 Inhibitors

Unlike the majority of the glucosamine products found on store shelves today, Syn-flex® was not rushed to market. While most companies were scrambling to put their brand in the competitive pack, the developers of Syn-flex® were continuing their research. While other companies focused on profits, we took an extra eighteen months to develop Syn-flex to perfection. We devoted time to study the clinical trials, improved the formulation using the latest scientific findings, listened closely to consumer's feedback, and insured the highest quality with lab analysis. Only then did we proceed to offer Syn-flex® to the world market.

We did not offer up a less expensive and ineffective pill or capsule formula where quality is easily disguised. Instead, our research led us to conclude that a high-quality liquid formula would provide you with maximum glucosamine absorption.

Syn-flex® is one of the most effective glucosamine product on the market, period. We know this in our hearts and if you are skeptical just read our success stories or ask your friends as word is spreading quickly.

Syn-flex® was developed using the most recent scientific findings, and formulated to provide a combination of ingredients that would have a significant impact on easing your arthritis pain and to assist in rehabilitating damaged cartilage.

We do not use filler like the majority of those glucosamine pills. And we don't use average quality glucosamine either. We use pharmaceutical quality glucosamine and have designed Syn-flex® for maximum joint and cartilage protection.

Syn-flex® contains ingredients that are found few other products on the market today. Our unique liquid formula, our high quality Glucosamine HCL and Glucosamine Sulfate, and our ten complimenting ingredients create a product that is guaranteed to ease your osteoarthritis pain within the usage of the first 32 day supply or your money back with no questions asked.

Our unique formulation holds the key to your return to living a normal, pain-free life without the need to risk the side effects of NSAIDs or Cox-II inhibitors.

We hope to bring Syn-flex® to as many as we can so we have not only reduced our price to $27.45 but we also provide free shipping on all U.S. orders. We also have a solid guarantee and provide you with a completely risk free offer.

You can try a 32 day supply of Syn-flex® for $27.45, or you can buy three bottles and get $10 off.

Order right now and decide to ease your suffering this month! We ship within 24 hours of receipt of order. You receive free USPS Priority Mail shipping with every order.

If you still are yet to be convinced that Syn-flex® is the absolute most effective osteoarthritis and joint pain product on the market today, we encourage you to continue on and read about the impact on pain when glucosamine is taken in a high-quality liquid formula or read how others are doing with Syn-flex®.

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